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Winter 2017
End of the year

We have recently welcomed our last group of students for 2017. These French student are here until the end of November, so there is still time for them to improve their English skills and get some hands-on work experience. There are three groups of students from Danish schools finishing their placements during early November and they have had a great time with their Irish families.

Soon, we will start to receive applications for spring placements, which is a great time to come to a farm. During spring (February until April) students get involved with calving, lambing and even foaling. New born animals are arriving at farms every day and it is a great opportunity for a student to be involved in the process, learn about the care of new born animals, pregnant animals, changing feeding programmes, the change in grassland management, and lots of veterinary aspects.

Call +353 (0)57 86 43 195 to find out more or drop an email to info@equipeoplework

We look forward to hearing from you.

Application Info

To us in Equipeople it is very important that we do as much as possible in advance of the applicants' arrival to ensure that their work experience in Ireland is going to be one of the best periods in their life. We want the trip to go as smoothly as possible and so we have compiled some information to help make that happen.

Type of Person best suited to Ireland
Suitability to Placements
The Application Process
Equipeople's Role in the Placement

There are some requirements in order for students to qualify for our programmes, and some documents that need to be submitted to support their applications.

Short Term

• Minimum 4 weeks, maximum 11 weeks
• Host family provide accommodation and meals

Long Term

• Minimum 12 weeks, maximum 52 weeks
• Host family provide accommodation, meals and weekly pocket money
• For every six months the student is entitled to 1 week’s holiday with pocket money

All students must provide a letter from their school/college/university confirming that the period of work experience/internship is either:

• A compulsory part of their agricultural education
• Strongly recommended to be completed during their education
• Strongly recommended within 12 months of graduation to develop the student’s future education or professional career
• Funded through Erasmus+, school/college funding or regional/council funding

The placement the students choose to attend should be relevant to their education in some way, for example:

• Agricultural Science
• Equine Studies
• Animal Keeping
• Veterinary Studies
• Environmental Studies
• Horticulture/Landscaping
• Tourism/Hotel Management
• Childcare i.e. Teaching, Nursing, Pedagogy, Social Care

The minimum age for an individual applicant is 17 years of age. For those participating as part of a group, we can allow 16 year old students, as they will have their class network in Ireland as support. Ideally, these 16 years olds should be closer to 17 years of age.

Any student under the age of 18 years will require parental consent to participate in our programmes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries from potential applicants to any of the programmes.

By email:
• – Short Term Programme
• – Long Term Programme

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