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Autumn 2017
Summer is over!

Now the summer school holidays are over, everyone is back to school, studying hard. Teachers have been contacting us about sending students to Ireland this autumn, through the winter, and we even have some inquiries for next spring time.

We have a large number of students from Denmark coming to Irish dairy farms this October, so there are not many placements left available for that period.

However, if you need to send students abroad for their work experience, to gain a cultural insight to another country and to improve their English language skills, why not give us a call to discuss your needs. The new academic year has started, so let us help make it a successful and educational time for your students.

Call +353 (0)57 86 43 195 to find out more or drop an email to info@equipeoplework

We look forward to hearing from you.

Group Work Experience

Equipeople can design work experience programmes to suit a school's individual needs. They can be of a one month duration or more and can be tailor-made to the demands of the school.

Fees for our services depend on the requirements of the school and the programme desired. Here are a few examples of past groups.

115 students from Austria

These students came over for placements from four weeks up to fourteen weeks on a variety of Irish farms. We gave a three hour orientation seminar in Austria, provided and monitored placements, met students at the airport, organised onward travel, provided a Welcome Pack for each student detailing life in Ireland, kylemore_abbey_group.jpg its agriculture and places of interest both nationally and locally, visited each student on site and provided emergency backup. A high level of service was required by the school, but a very large number of students, so our fee was 270.00 per student.

10 Students from Sweden

These were dairy students who required a six week placement on a dairy farm. No orientation seminar was needed in Sweden but we organised a one-day orientation seminar in Ireland, along with meals and accommodation for two nights. Equipeople arranged the onward travel, airport collection, Welcome Packs and one site visit to each student. Although a small number of students, a high level of service was required. The cost equated to 400.00 per student.

25 Students from Poland

Work experience placement for two months, no orientation seminar requested, we arranged onward travel and monitored and provided emergency backup service. Each student received at least one phone call from us to ensure that the placement was going well. Medium number of students but we provided only placement and emergency service, so a low rate of 300.00 per student.

60 students from Sweden

This is a private school who stressed that they wanted a very high level of service. They required a three month work placement, orientation seminar in Sweden and a two day orientation seminar in Ireland including agricultural language classes and a one day cultural trip around Dublin city along with three nights accommodation, meals and evening entertainment. Equipeople guided the school on a bus tour around Dublin visiting historic buildings, streets and the main shopping areas. Each student received a site visit and several phone call from us during their stay. This group contained a high number of students and a very high level of service was required so a high fee of 500.00 per applicant was the price for this group.


17 students from France

These students were studying landscaping in a horticultural college. They are coming for four weeks during September and were placed with host that had landscaping projects. Each student stayed with a family and had at least one landscaping project to complete from start to finish. They were required to keep a detailed record of the project from start to completion. We organised placements, followed up on all the students throughout their time in Ireland and provided emergency backup, but no site visits were arranged. Our fee for this group is 325.00 per student.

Our programmes are flexible and are designed with the school's needs in mind. Equipeople meet all groups at Dublin airport, provide Welcome Packs and organise the onward travel to the hosts' farms.